30 November 2008

[yim036] DMV_Index

This is the index part of the book.

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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Jazzfan said...

Thank you very much for your generous post. Could you be so kind to give links to the following chapters


Thanks a lot!!

- Sri

yirfan said...

actually remain chapter already available.
pardon me, i've forgot to put link in my main page there -->[yim036] Dynamics of Marine Vehicles-1978

now i've fixed it

Froudedude said...

are you a naval architect or just a ship buff? I work with Bhattacharrya and he claims he never wrote this. thanks

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