30 November 2008

[yim036] DMV_Ch.10_Nonlinear Rolling Motion-unCoupled-

The study of rolling motion in small angle has been approximatelly correct using linear equation of motion. For Larger angle, more linearities become more significant, and the result of the linear approximation is doubtful.
The aim of this subject is to predict a vessel maximum rolling amplitude due to wave resonance or other non linear phenomena.
By using several numerical solution for rolling motion, the difficulties of equation could solve by computer calculation. In fact, there are the fourth order Runge-Kutta method.


10.1 General
10.2 Linear Damping : Nonlinear Restoring Moment with Constant Coefficients
10.3 NonLinear Damping : Linear Restoring Moment
10.4 Linear Damping : Linear Restoring Moment with Time-Dependent Coefficients
10.5 Sudden Inclining Moment and Capsizing of a Vessel

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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