07 November 2008

GL Rules (2008) : I - Part 1 Chapter 8

Rules for Classification and Construction
I Ship Technology - 1 Seagoing Ships

GL Rules (2008) : I-1-8 - Fishing Vessels
The following Rules come into force on October 1st , 2007

Table of Content

Section 1 General
Section 2 Closure Conditions, Buoyancy and Stability
Section 3 Special Requirements for Hull Structures
Section 4 Hull Outfit
Section 5 Anchoring and Mooring Equipment
Section 6 Fishing Gear and Lifting Appliances
Section 7 Structural Fire Protection
Section 8 Fire Protection and Fire Fighting
Section 9a General Rules for Machinery Installations
Section 9b Internal Combustion Engines and Air Compressors
Section 9c Propulsion System
Section 9d Storage of Liquids, Piping Systems, Valves and Pumps
Section 9e Boilers and Pressure Vessels
Section 10 Refrigeration Installations
Section 11a General Requirements and Instructions for Electrical Installations
Section 11b Installation of Electrical Equipment
Section 11c Power Supply Installations
Section 11d Installation Protection and Power Distribution
Section 11e Switchgear Assemblies
Section 11f Power Electronics
Section 11g Power Equipment
Section 11h Control, Monitoring and Vessel's Safety Systems
Section 11i Lighting and Socket-Outlets
Section 11j Cable Network
Section 11k Electrical Equipment
Section 11l Tests
Section 12 Special Requirements for Automation
Section 13 Spare Parts

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