30 November 2008

[yim036] DMV_Ch.13_Wave Loads

By determining loads that correspond to the largest actual load the vessel, ship designer could expected to produced a succesfull design of a ship structure for seaway operation. Empirical methods based on past experienced are used to predict the actual service loads the vessel will subject to during its operation. at present, an efficient design must be based on proper determination f loads, including those in the athwartship plane and dynamic loads (slamming and whipping) as well as the effect of vessel speed and the other relevant factors.


13.1 General
13.2 Still Water Loads
Ship in Still water at Rest
Ship in Calm Water at Ships
Bending Moment during Heaving Motion in Calm Water
Bending Moment during Pitching Motion in Calm Water
13.3 Wave Loads in a Regular Seaway
Bending Moment in Regular Waves (Strip Theory)
Inertial Bending Moment
13.4 Loads in Irregular Waves
13.5 Dynamics Loads

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles

By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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