07 November 2008

GL Rules (2008) : I - Part 1 Chapter 7

Rules for Classification and Construction
I Ship Technology - 1 Seagoing Ships

GL Rules (2008) : I-1-7 - Chemical Tankers
The following Rules come into force on July 1st , 2008

Table Of Content
Section 1 General, Character of Classification, Definitions, Surveys and Certification
Section 2 Ship Survival Capability and Location of Cargo Tanks
Section 3 Ship Arrangements
Section 4 Cargo Containment
Section 5 Cargo Transfer
Section 6 Materials of Construction, Protective Linings and Coatings
Section 7 Cargo Temperature Control
Section 8 Cargo Tank Venting and Gas-freeing Arrangements
Section 9 Environmental Control
Section 10 Electrical Installations
Section 11 Fire Protection and Fire Extinction
Section 12 Mechanical Ventilation in the Cargo Area
Section 13 Instrumentation
Section 14 Personnel Protection
Section 15 Special Requirements
Section 16 Operational Requirements
Section 17 Summary of Minimum Requirements
Section 18 List of Products to which the Code does not apply
Section 19 Transport of Liquid Chemical Waste
Section 20 Requirements for Offshore Support Vessels Engaged in the Transport and Handling of Limited Amounts of Hazardous and Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk

Annex: List of Products


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