13 November 2008

GL Rules (2008) : I - Part 3 - Chapter 1 (HSC-2002)

Rules for Classification and Construction
I Ship Technology - 1 Seagoing Ships

GL Rules (2008) : I-3-1 - High Speed Craft
The following Rules come into force on July 1st , 2002

These rules incorporate the text in full of the “International Code of Safety for High Speed Craft” (“HSC Code”) adopted by the IMO Maritime Safety Committee, at its 73rd session, in December 2000, through Resolution MSC. 97(73). (This text is printed in italics.)
Classification requirements additional to the provisions of the HSC Code are printed in the Roman characters

Parts of the HSC Code not applicable for the purpose of classification are identified by a vertical line placed in the margin of the text.

Equipment and arrangements dealt with in the parts of the Code mentioned, such as those concerning life-saving appliances and radiocommunications, which are not subject to control by the Society, are intended to be covered by the relevant certification.

Table Of Content
P.1 General
P.2 Application
P.3 Class notation
P.4 Compliance with other rules
P.5 Novel or unusual features

Preamble of the International Code of Safety for High-Speed Craft, 2000

Section 1 General Comments and Requirements
Section 2 Buoyancy, Stability and Subdivision
Section 3 Structures
Section 4 Accommodation and Escape Measures
Section 5 Directional Control Systems
Section 6 Anchoring, Towing and Berthing
Section 7 Fire Safety
Section 8 Life-Saving Appliances and Arrangements
Section 9 Machinery
Section 10 Auxiliary Systems
Section 11 Remote Control, Alarm and Safety Systems
Section 12 Electrical Installations
Section 13 Shipborne Navigational Systems and Equipment and Voyage Data Recorders (VDRs)
Section 14 Radiocommunications
Section 15 Operating Compartment Layout
Section 16 Stabilization Systems
Section 17 Handling, Controllability and Performance
Section 18 Operational Requirements
Section 19 Inspection and Maintenance Requirements

Annex 1 Form of High-Speed Craft Safety Certificate and Record of Equipment
Annex 2 Form of Permit to Operate High-Speed Craft
Annex 3 Use of Probability Concept
Annex 4 Procedures for Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Annex 5 Ice Accretion Applicable to All Types of Craft
Annex 6 Stability of Hydrofoil Craft
Annex 7 Stability of Multihull Craft
Annex 8 Stability of Monohull Craft
Annex 9 Definitions, Requirements and Compliance Criteria Related to Operational and Safety Performance
Annex 10 Criteria for Testing and Evaluation of Revenue and Crew Seats
Annex 11 Open Reversible Liferafts

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