08 November 2008

[RS/yim253] Engineering Ship Production - Lamb (1986)

This is the first book to be written on what appears to be a relatively new approach to the practice of engineering for the construction of current and future ships. The application of the recently introduced design-for-production technique is described and illustrated through examples. However, it is suggested that this technique is not really new and that it has come about only as an individual technique because ship designers have become isolated from the actual production of ships. The ship designers also appear to have forgotten that all design should be developed to be the best for production.
Once the best production-oriented designs are developed, it is necessary to transmit the design information to the various departments in the shipyard that use the information. The methods currently used to do this are based on tradition and have not changed much over many years. They are not the most suitable for the efficient production of ships. Therefore, improvements t o the existing shipyard engineering methods are presented, and as such are the basis for engineering for production.

The book developed from the author's 1978 SNAME paper, "Engineering for Modern Shipyards," and U of W lectures on Ship Production Technology.

This book has been written to assist those engineers, designers, drafters, and engineering planners who want to regain their leadership position, to understand and apply some of the necessary techniques for successful engineering for ship production. The book is organized into three parts, namely:

Part Intro : Introduction
Part 1: Design for Ship Production...here
Part 2: Engineering for Ship Production...here
Part 3: Engineering Organization for Ship Production...here

The last part is a necessary part of this book, as it is the framework which permits and promotes the successful working of the other two parts. Shipbuilding management is like that of any other industry. It consists of both general management principles and techniques, and specialized applications to suit the particular needs of the industry. The latter is covered in this book, and in particular, its requirements for Engineering for Ship Production.

[part intro]



# Author : Thomas Lamb
# Date : January 1986
# Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration, Washington, D C
# Keywords: Ship Design, Engineering and Engineering Management for Efficient Ship Production

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