07 November 2008

GL Rules (2008) : I - Part 0 Chapter 0

Rules for Classification and Construction
I Ship Technology - 1 Seagoing Ships

GL Rules (2008) : I-0-0 - Classification and Surveys

The following Rules come into force on February 1st , 2008

Table Of Content

Section 1 General Terms and Conditions
A. General
B. Reservation Clause
C. Scope and Performance
D. Confidentiality
E. Remuneration
F. Payment of Invoices
G. Liability
H. Place of Performance - Jurisdiction - Governing Law
I. Severability Clause

Section 2 Classification
A. General
B. Validity of Class
C. Characters of Classification and Notations
D. Classification of Newbuildings
E. Admission to Class
F. Classification of Yachts and Small Watercraft from 6 to 24 m in Length

Section 3 Surveys - General Requirements
A. General Information
B. Surveys for Maintenance of Class -Definitions, Due Dates
C. Performance and Scope of Surveys
D. Refrigerating Installations
E. Diving Systems
F. Towing Gear

Section 4 Surveys - Special Ship Types
A. Oil Tankers .
B. Oil Recovery Vessels
C. Chemical Tankers
D. Liquefied Gas Carriers
E. Bulk Carriers
F. Fishing Vessels
G. Inland Vessels
H. Floating Docks
I. Yachts and Small Watercraft
J. Submersibles

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