07 November 2008

GL Rules (2008) : I - Part 1 Chapter 10

Rules for Classification and Construction
I Ship Technology - 1 Seagoing Ships

GL Rules (2008) : I-1-10 - Refrigerating Installations

The following Rules come into force on 01. November, 2000.

Table Of Content
Section 1 Rules for the Construction of Refrigerating Installations
A. General
B. Installation Design and Rating
C. Refrigerants
D. Refrigerating Machinery Spaces
E. Refrigerant Compressors
F. Pressure Vessels and Apparatuses
G. Pipes, Valves and Fittings
H. Fans and Pumps
I. Cooling Water Supply
J. Safety and Monitoring Equipment
K. Pressure and Tightness Tests
L. Insulation of Pressure Vessels, Apparatus, Pipes, Valves and Fittings
M. Equipment and Insulation of Refrigerated Spaces and Air Ducts
N. Temperature Monitoring Equipment for Refrigerated Spaces and Refrigerated Containers
O. Spare Parts and Protective Equipment
P. Shipboard Testing

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