30 November 2008

[yim036] DMV_Ch.4_UnCoupled Motion

Uncoupled Heaving, Pitching, and Rolling Motions

This part is only discussed one degree of ship oscillatory motions . Three kind of motion namely, heaving, rolling and pitching are purely oscillatory motion, since these motions act under a restoring force or moment when the ship is disturbed from its equilibrium position.
Other kind of motion, ie surging, swaying or yawing, the ship does not return to
its original equilibrium if disturbed from it unless the exciting forces or moments that cause such a disturbance act alternately from opposite direction.
Equation of motion for each oscillatory motion as single term were described.


4.1 General

4.2 Heaving
Free, Undamped Heaving Motion
Free, Damped Heaving Motion
Force Heaving Motion
Inertial Force (added mass)
Damping Force (Damping Coefficient)
Experimental Determination of Damping
Restoring Force
Ship Model Correlation

4.3 Accelerated Rotational Motion
Radius of Gyration for Different Angular Motions
Radius of Gyration for Rolling
Radius of Gyration for Pitching
Radius of Gyration for Yawing

4.4 Pitching
Determination of Coefficients for Pitching Motion
Damping Coefficient for Pitching
Pitching Motion in Calm Water
Pitching Period
Exciting Moment for Pitching Motion
Pitching in Waves

4.5 Rolling
Determination of Coefficients for Rolling Motion
Damping Moment Coefficient
Damping Coefficient from Experiment in Calm Water
Restoring Moment Coefficient
Rolling in Calm Water
Exciting Moment for Rolling
Rolling in Regular Seaway
Ratio of Response Amplitude to Wave Amplitude

4.6 Ship Speed Zones
4.7 Motion in Shallow Water

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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