18 December 2008

[yim244] Metallurgy of Welding-Lancaster

A new edition of a well established and respected textbook from an author who is a recognised authority in this field. Joining techniques are one of the key technologies in materials engineering and this book provides comprehensive coverage of the cubject. It is intended for undergraduate and graduate students of metallurgy, as well as those attending specialist welding courses.

The text covers the metallurgical changes that take place during the welding process, the properties of welded joints, defects associated with welding and the behaviour of welded joints in service. There is a chapter devoted to joints between metals and ceramics, and on the use of structural adhesives. The various techniques used in microwelding and the joining of solid-state devices to printed circuit boards are briefly described.


Metallurgical presentation of the general welding processes and characteristics of the welding operation
Thermal and thermochemical study of welding
Introduction to the metallographical examination of welds
Formation of the fusion zone
Solidification of the weld metal
Solid phase transformations during welding (heating)
Solid phase transformations during welding (cooling)
Hardening and cold cracking in steel welding
Heat treatments for steel welds
Metallurgical aspects of destructive and non-destructive weld tests

# Title : Metallurgy of Welding 6ED
# Author : J. F. Lancaster
# Paperback: 464 pages
# Publisher: Abington Publishing; 6th edition (May 25, 1999)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 1855734281
# ISBN-13: 978-1855734289

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