13 December 2008

STAB2008_Review of the Ship Accidents Investigations Presented at the STAB Workshops/Conferences

Pérez Rojas, L., Sastre, S y Martín Landaluce, A., Review of the Ship Accidents Investigations Presented at the STAB Workshops/Conferences, 10th International Ship Stability Workshop, Daejeon (S.Korea), March 2008

Review of the ship accidents investigations presented at the STAB
Luis Pérez-Rojas,Sara Sastre,Ainara Martín [CEHINAV, E.T.S.I. Navales, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid]

The safety of seafarers and passengers and the protection of the marine environment can be enhanced by timely and accurate reports identifying the circumstances and causes of marine casualties and incidents. These reports can lead to greater awareness of casualty causation and result in remedial measures for the purpose of enhancing safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment. This “review paper” collects several contributions presented through the years in different STAB events.

Ship accidents; stability; ship behaviour.

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