13 December 2008

STAB2007_On the Experimental Investigation on the Capsizing of Small Fishing Vessels

Pérez Rojas, L.; López Pavón, C.; Pérez Arribas, F.; y Martín Landaluce, A.,On the Experimental Investigation on the Capsizing of Small Fishing Vessels, 9th. International Ship Stability Workshop, Hamburgo (German), August 2007

On the Experimental Investigation on the Capsizing of Small Fishing Vessels
Luis Pérez Rojas, Carlos López Pavón, Francisco Pérez Arribas, Ainara Martín Landaluce - ETSIN Model Basin, UPM. Madrid (Spain)

The safety of seafarers and the protection of the marine environment can be enhanced by identifying the circumstances and causes of marine casualties and incidents.
The maritime accidents of the ships “O Bahía” and “Enrique el Morico” which took place in front of the Spanish coast in 2004 set up the beginning of the research presented in this paper.
The purpose of it was to find how the ships sunk and if the stability regulations for this type of vessels are appropriate. To come to a conclusion, hydrodynamic tests for models of these two boats were carried out at the UPM and CEHIPAR model basins. The experiments methodology and results are here presented. Free running tests have been performed in regular waves, with the models reproducing the accident’s load condition but within regulation of watertightness. Wave steepness, vessels’ asymmetry and inefficient water draining are considered relevant and influent parameters on capsizing.
It was nearly impossible to lead the models to capsizing, in spite of the rough conditions studied and the barely fulfilment of the stability criteria that these boats had at the accident. Only one of them overturned, and they are considered to be stable enough. The methodology developed in these tests is considered adequate to validate numerical calculations on capsizing

Capsizing, broaching, surf-riding, following and quartering seas.

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