09 December 2008

STAB1997_Systematic Model Experiments on Flooding of Two Ro-Ro Vessels

J.M.J. Journée, H. Vermeer and A.W. Vredeveldt, Systematic Model Experiments on Flooding of Two Ro-Ro Vessels, STAB 1997, Varna, Bulgaria / DUT-SHL Report 1106-P

Systematic Model Experiments on Flooding of Two Ro-Ro Vessels

J.M.J. Journée (DUT), H. Vermeer (DGSM), A.W. Vredeveldt (TNO)

After the accident of the "Herald of Free Enterprise", research has been started in the Netherlands on the safety of Ro-Ro vessels.
One particular research project of the Ship Hydromechanics Laboratory of the Delft University of Technology concentrates on the ship’s motion behaviour and the associated stability characteristics during the intermediate stages of flooding after a collision damage in still water. A mathematical model has been developed, describing the ship's motions due to flooding in the time domain. For validation purposes, a limited number of model experiments have been carried out in the past with two typical Ro-Ro ferries.
After these validations, recently a large number of additional model tests were held on a much more systematic basis. For the two vessels, the effect of the initial metacentric height,the ingress area, the initial angle of heel, the presence of longitudinal bulkheads and cross ducts, the reduction of permeability’s and down flooding on capsizing have been examined. Results of these experiments are presented in this paper. Some important considerations with respect to the intermediate stages of flooding and the initial conditions are given.

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