13 December 2008

STAB2006_On the Accidents of Small Fishing Vessels

Pérez-Rojas, L.; Pérez-Arribas, F.; Zamora Rodríguez R. y Guerrero Pacheco, A. On The Accidents of Small Fishing Vessels, 9th International Conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles. (STAB2006). COPPE, UFRJ., Río de Janeiro, September 2006.

On the Accidents of Small Fishing Vessels
Luis Pérez Rojas. ETSIN Model Basin, UPM. Madrid, Francisco Pérez Arribas. ETSIN Model Basin, UPM. Madrid, Ricardo Zamora Rodríguez. ETSIN Model Basin, UPM. Madrid, Antonio Guerrero y Pacheco, Dirección General de la Marina Mercante

Fishing takes place in a natural environment that often becomes hostile to people and their vessels. Many studies point out these dangerous situations, specially on small vessels ones. In this paper, maritime accidents on three small Spanish fishing vessels during 2004 are studied.
As it is mentioned by IMO, the safety of seafarers and passengers and the protection of the marine environment can be enhanced by timely and accurate reports identifying the circumstances and causes of marine casualties and incidents. Although, this paper does not constitute an official report, it pretends to shed some light in this type of accidents.
Considerations about the causes of these accidents, hydrostatic calculations and some related experimental work are also included.

maritime accidents, fishing vessels, ship stability

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