08 December 2008

STAB2007_Approximation of ship equations of motion from time series data

McCue, L.S. and Campbell, B., "Approximation of ship equations of motion from time series data," 9th International Ship Stability Workshop, Hamburg, Germany, August, 2007.

Approximation of ship equations of motion from time series data
Leigh McCue Aerospace and Ocean Engineering, Virginia Tech
Bradley Campbell Seakeeping Division, Hydromechanics Department, Carderock Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center

In this work, ship equations of motion are approximated from numerically simulated test cases. Once approximated, the equations of motion can be used in an effort to predict future motions, to estimate the impact of initial conditions on an experimental data set, and to compare a broad range of experimentally based simulations to those from numerical/analytical models for validation purposes.

Capsizing; optimization; equations of motion

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