09 December 2008

[yim036] DMV_Ch.14_Motion Stabilization

In the study of motion stabilization it is importn to know the kind and magnitude of the force that should be applied to obtain a significant reduction in amplitudes and acceleration.

14.1 Introduction
14.2 Roll Stabilization
Movement of Solid Weight
Gyrosconic Stabilizer
Tank Stabilizers
Passive Tank Stabilizers
Free Surface Tanks
U-Tube Tanks
Diversified Tank Stabilizers
Active Roll Stabilizers
Active Roll Tanks
Fin Stabilization
Jet Flaps
Rudder Stabilization
14.3 Pitch Stabilization
Fixed Fins
Active Antipitching Fins
14.4 Effectiveness of Motion Stabilizers

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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I am very delightful to see that you posted this book for downloads. Unfortunately, for Ch. 14, it is found missing. I am very hopeful if you could re-upload the links. Thank You very much, it is very appreciated.

Ikhwan said...
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