17 January 2008

[yim036] Dynamics of Marine Vehicles-1978

Buku teks utama untuk studi Gerak Kapal [yirf]

This book is based on lecture notes prepared for students of naval architeture, marine engineering, and ocean engineering at the University of Michigan, US Naval Academy, etc.
Primarily the book is intended as a textbook for a fisrt course in seakeeping, and emphasis is therefore placed on the fundamentals of subject matter. Through the use of numerous figures, tables and solution of exemplary problem, the aim is to help the reader in understanding the basic principles and to demonstrate the applicability of the methods outline in the text. The fundamentals have been grasped in this way, the reader can go on study the advanced developments made in recent years for the purpose of obtaining more scientific, if not more accurate, solutions to actual problem


Cover and preface (this part)
1. Introduction ...here
2. Simple Harmonic Motion...here
3. Sinusoidal Water Waves ...here
4. Uncoupled Heaving, Pitching, and Rolling Motions ...here
5. Irregular Seaway ...here
6. Motion in an Irregular Seaway ...here
7. Dynamic Effects ...here
8. Motion in Three-Dimensional Irregular Seaway ...here
9. Coupled Heaving and Pitching Motions ...here
10. Nonlinear Rolling Motion (Uncoupled) ...here
11. Powering in a Seaway ...here
12. Loads Due to Motion ...here
13. Wave Loads ...here
14. Motion Stabilization ...here
15. Model Test, Full Scale Trials, and Scale Effects ...here
16. Seakeeping Considerations in Design ...here
17. Seakeeping of Advanced Marine Vehicles ...here
Appendix A. Seakeeping Tables for Extended Series 60 Ships in Head Seas ...here
Appendix B. Symbols, Glossary of Seakeeping Terms, Conversion Table, Abbrevation for References ...here
References ...here
Index ...here

Dynamics of Marine Vehicles
By Rameswar Bhattacharyya
Published by Wiley, 1978
ISBN 0471072060, 9780471072060

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