04 April 2009

[yme4736] The Speed and Power of Ships : A Manual of Marine Propulsion - Taylor (1910)

THE intention of this work is to treat in a consistent and connected manner, for the use of students, the theory of resistance and propulsion of vessels and to give methods, rules and formulae which may be applied in practice by those who have to deal with such matters. The contents are based largely upon model experiments, such as were initiated in England nearly half a century ago by Mr. William Froude and are now generally recognized as our most effective means of investigation in the field of resistance and propulsion. At the same time care has been taken to point out the limitations of the model experiment method and the regions where it ceases to be a reliable guide.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER I Preliminary and General
1. Stream Lines
2. Trochoidal Water Waves
3. The Law Of Comparison
4. Wetted Surface
5. Focal Diagrams
6. The Disturbance Of The Water By A Ship

CHAPTER II Resistance
7. Kinds Of Resistance
8. Skin Resistance
9. Eddy Resistance
10. Wave Resistance
11. Air Resistance
12. Model Experiment Methods
13. Factors Affecting Resistance
14. Practical Coefficients And Constants For Ship Resistance
15. Squat And Change Of Trim
16. Shallow Water Effects
17. Rough Water Effects
18. Appendage Resistance

CHAPTER III Propulsion
19. Nomenclature, Geometry And Delineation Of Propellers
20. Theories Of Propeller Action
21. Law Of Comparison Applied To Propellers
22. Ideal Propeller Efficiency
23. Model Experiments Methods And Plotting Results
24. Model Propeller Experiments Analysis Of Results
25. Propeller Features Influencing Action And Efficiency
26. Practical Coefficients And Constants For Full-Sized Propellers Derived From Model Experiments
27. Cavitation
28. Wake Factor, Thrust Deduction And Propeller Suction
29. Obliquity Of Shafts And Of Water Flow
30. Strength Of Propeller Blades
31. Design Of Propellers
32. Paddle Propulsion
33. Jet Propulsion

CHAPTER IV Trials and Their Analysis
34. Measured Courses
35. Conduct Of Speed And Power Trials
36. Analysis Of Trial Results

CHAPTER V The Powering of Ships
37. Powering Methods Based Upon Surface
38. The Extended Law Of Comparison
39. Standard Series Method

# Title : The Speed and Power of Ships - A Manual of Marine Propulsion
# Author :Taylor, D. W. (David Watson), 1864-1940
# Media count: 328 pages
# Publisher: New York, J. Wiley & Sons (1910)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: B001UAK0YA

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