03 April 2009

Hukum Laut Nasional - Dasar

Dasar-dasar hukum laut nasional dn batas wilayah laut

Hukum maritim domestik

Hukum Laut Internasional
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
a. UNCLOS I (1958)
b. UNCLOS II (1960)
  • In 1960, the United Nations held the second Conference on the Law of the Sea (“UNCLOS II”); however, the six-week Geneva conference did not result in any new agreements. Generally speaking, developing nations and third world countries participated only as clients, allies, or dependents of United States or the Soviet Union, with no significant voice of their own.
c. UNCLOS III (1973-1982)
[linkhtm:admiraltylawguide.com] [linkpdf: un.org]

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