05 April 2009

Selling the Sea: An Inside Look at the Cruise Industry - Dickinson,Vladimir (2007)

In fact, the cruise industry is just another service industry. Each ship is like a factory where people come to get serviced.
In this book, we explore the behind-the-scenes world of the cruise industry. Who are the people who make this magic? How do they decide to build a cruise ship, which can easily cost as much as $800 million? Who designs these floating palaces? Why do people get addicted to cruising? Some have taken more than one hundred cruises with the same cruise line! How do the cruise lines make money while delivering such a highquality product for a price that people consider a good value? Can this business continue to grow at a rapid pace, as it has done in the past, or will America be all cruised out in a few years?
We haven’t got all the answers, but we’ll bring you the best thinking from the people who run the ships, the people who work on them, and the travel agents who sell them. Because we are insiders, we can tell you things no other book will, or wants to.
Read on, and enjoy!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Casting Off: The Evolution from Steamship Transportation to Cruising as a Vacation
Chapter 2 Coming About: The Foundation of the Modern Cruise Industry
Chapter 3 Life on the Ocean Wave: Living and Working Aboard Modern Cruise Ships
Chapter 4 Home on the Rolling Deep: Case Studies in Backstage Management
Chapter 5 Getting Underway: The Public Discovers Cruising Vacations
Chapter 6 Your Cruise Line GPS: Positioning and Differentiation of Cruise Lines
Chapter 7 Now Hear This: Marketing Communications—A View from the Bridge
Chapter 8 Pieces of Eight: Making Money on the High Seas
Chapter 9 Booking Passage: A Fresh Look at Today’s Travel Agent
Chapter 10 Bob & Andy’s Vacation Store: Selling the Sea—The Way We’d Do It
Appendix CLIA Member Cruise Lines

# Title : Selling the Sea: An Inside Look at the Cruise Industry
# Author : Bob Dickinson, Andy Vladimir
# Paperback: 352 pages
# Publisher: Wiley; 2 edition (April 27, 2007)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 0471749184
# ISBN-13: 978-0471749189


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