29 January 2009

[yim331] Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security - Herbert et.al

This book is aimed at those with an interest in any dimension of the new security measures.
This interest might be a general one in maritime security, or it could be a more specifc one, such as implementing the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code, devising and executing practical maritime security measures both at sea and in port, or in assessing security threats and risks inherent in the vast and often opaque realm of international shipping.
In outline, this book examines in detail the issues pertaining to assessing contemporary maritime
security threats, vulnerability and risk; the nature and current status of the ISPS Code and other leading maritime security initiatives and regimes; security issues specifc to vessel operations; and security concerns and measures at ports of different types and with different levels of resource.
There is a particular focus on the identification of problems that have been encountered in developing and implementing relevant measures and possible ways and means of overcoming them. These experiences and perspectives come from around the world.
This book is divided into five sections:

# The New Maritime Security Environment (Ch. 1 ~ Ch. 6)
# Industry Sectors: Threats and Responses (Ch. 7 ~ Ch. 11)
# Legal Frameworks for Maritime Security (Ch. 12 ~ Ch. 15)
# Regional Responses (Ch. 16 ~ Ch. 18)
# National Responses (Ch. 19 ~ Ch. 25)

Contents :

  1. Security in the Maritime Domain and Its Evolution Since 9/11 - Catherine Zara Raymond and Arthur Morriën
  2. Lifeline or Pipedream? Origins, Purposes, and Benefits of Automatic Identification System, Long-Range Identification and Tracking, and Maritime Domain Awareness - Martin N. Murphy
  3. Maritime Forces and Security of Merchant Shipping in the Mediterranean Sea and Northern Indian Ocean - Russell Pegg
  4. Evolving U.S. Framework for Global Maritime Security from 9/11 to the 1000-ship Navy - Chris Rahman
  5. Maritime Terrorism: Locations, Actors, and Capabilities- Peter Lehr
  6. Distinctions in the Finer Shades of Gray: The “Four Circles Model” for Maritime Security Threat Assessment - Hans Tino Hansen
  7. Implications and Effects of Maritime Security on the Operation and Management of Merchant Vessels - Steven M. Jones
  8. Maritime Terrorism: Threat to Container Ships, Cruise Liners, and Passenger Ferries - Peter Chalk
  9. Tankers, Specialized Production Vessels, and Offshore Terminals: Vulnerability and Security in the International Maritime Oil Sector - Rupert Herbert-Burns
  10. Security in the Maritime Sector of the Lique~ed Natural Gas Industry - Peter Martin
  11. Offshore Oil and Gas Industry Security Risk Assessment: An Australian Case Study - Lee Cordner
  12. The 1988 SUA Convention and 2005 SUA Protocol: Tools to Combat Piracy,Armed Robbery, and Maritime Terrorism - Robert C. Beckman
  13. Interdiction and Boarding of Vessels at Sea: New Developments and Old Problems - Stuart Kaye
  14. Long-Range Identi~cation and Tracking Systems for Vessels:Legal and Technical Issues - Martin Tsamenyi and Mary Ann Palma
  15. International Legal Regulatory Framework for Seafarers and Maritime Security Post-9/11 - Martin Tsamenyi, Mary Ann Palma, and Clive Schofield
  16. Maritime Security Threats in Post-9/11 Southeast Asia: Regional Responses - Rommel C. Banlaoi
  17. Maritime Dynamism in Indo-Pacific Region - James A. Boutilier
  18. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Evolving Role in Maritime Security Operations - Robert Snoddon
  19. U.S. Maritime Transportation and Port Security: An Update and Analysis of Current Efforts - Ashley W. Craig and John F. Seher
  20. Setting, Strengthening, and Enforcing Standards for U.S. Port Security - Bruce B. Stubbs and Scott C. Truver
  21. Managing Port and Ship Security in Singapore - Joshua Ho
  22. Canada and the ISPS Code - John W. Lavers
  23. The ISPS Code: The Australian Experience and Perspective - Devinder Grewal
  24. ISPS Code: Implementation in Malaysia - Noor Apandi Osnin
  25. Do British Military Intelligence and Royal Navy Operations Have a Part to Play in the Fight against Organized Crime in the Maritime Domain? - Peter Dod
Index 351

# Title : Lloyd's MIU Handbook of Maritime Security
# Author : Rupert Herbert-Burns, Sam Bateman, Peter Lehr
# Publisher: Auerbach Publications
# Number Of Pages: 400
# Publication Date: 2008-09-24
# ISBN-10 / ASIN: 1420054805
# ISBN-13 / EAN: 9781420054804
# Binding: Hardcover


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