23 September 2008

[4S/DF] AWS D1.5:2002 Bridge Welding Code

This code covers the welding requirements for AASHTO welded highway bridges made from carbon and low-alloy constructional steels. This 2002 edition contains dimensions in metric SI Units and U.S. Customary Units. Sections 1 through 7 constitute a body of rules for the regulation of welding in steel construction. Section 9 of the previous edition has had its provisions distributed throughout the 2002 edition. Sections 8, 10, and 11, do not contain provisions, as their analogue D1.1 sections are not applicable to the D1.5 Code. Section 12 contains the requirements for fabrication fracture critical members.

Table Of Content
1. General Provision
Application - Base Metal - Welding Processes - Fabricator Requirements - Definitions - Welding Symbols - Safety Precautions - Standard Units of Measurement - Welding Procedure Specifications (WPS) - Mechanical Testing - Reference Documents

2. Design of Welded Connection
Part A General Requirements
Drawing - Basic Unit Stresses - Effective Weld Area, Lengths, Throats and Sizes
Part B Structural Details
General - Welded Filler Plates - PJP Groove Welds
Part C Details of Welded Joins
Joint Qualification - Details of Fillet Welds - Detail of Plug and Slot Welds - Combination of Welds - Welds in Combination with Rivets and Bolts - Connection Details

3. Workmanship
General Requirements - Preparation of Base Metal - Assembly - Control of Distortion and Shrinkage - Dimensional Tolerances - Weld Profiles - Repairs - Peening - Caulking - Arc Strikes - Weld Cleaning - weld Termination - Weld Backing

4. Technique
Part A General Requirements
Filler Metal Requirements - Preheat and Interpass Temperature Requirements - Heat Input for Grade 690(100) and 690W(100W) - Stress Relief Heat Treatment
Part B Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
Electrodes for SMAW - Procedures for SMAW
Part C Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
General Requirements - Electrodes and Fluxes for SAW - Procedures for SAW with single Electrode - Procedures for SAW with parallel Electrodes - Procedures for SAW with multiple Electrodes
Part D Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
Electrodes - Shielding Gas - Procedures for GMAW and FCAW with single Electrode
Part E Electroslag Welding (ESW) and Electrogas Welding (EGW)
Qualification of Process, WPS and Join Details - Mechanical Properties - Condition of Electrodes and Guide Tubes - Shielding Gas - Condition of Flux - Procedures for ESW and EGW
Part F Plug and Slot Welds
Plug Welds - SLot Welds - Plug and Slot Welds
Part G Control of Production Welding Variables
Test - Control of Variables - Calibration of Equipment - Current Control

5. Qualification
Part A Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) Qualification
Approval - Qualification Responsibility - Duration - Base Metal - Welding Consumables - Test Plate Thickness - General Requirements for WPS Qualification - Position of Test Welds - Option for WPS Qualification and Prequalification - Fillet Weld WPS Qualification - Prequalified WPS - Heat Input WPS - Production Procedure WPS - ESW and EGW - Type of Test and Purpose - Weld Specimens:Number, Type and Preparation - Nondestructive Testing (NDT) - Methods of Testing Specimens - Test Result Requirements - Retest
Part B Welder, Welding Operator and Tack Welder Qualification
General Requirements - Production Welding Position Qualified - Qualification Test Required - Limitation of Variables - Test Specimens:Number, Type and Preparation - Method of Testing Specimens - Test Result Required - Retest

6. Inspection
Part A General Requirements
General - Inspection of Materials - Inspection of WPS Qualification and Equipment - Inspection of Welder, Welding Operator and Tack Welder Qualifications - Inspection of Work and Records - Obligations of the Contractor - Nondestructive Testing (NDT)
Part B Radiographic Testing (RT) of Groove Welds in Butt Joints
Extent of Testing - General - RT Procedure - Acceptabilty of Welds - Examination, Report and Disposition of Radiographs
Part C Ultrasonic Testing (UT) of Groove Welds
General - Extent of Testing - UT Equipment - Reference Standards - Equipment Qualification - Calibration for Testing - Testing Procedures - Preparation and Disposition of Reports - Calibration of the UT Unit with IIW or Other Approved Reference Blocks - Equipment Qualification Procedures - Scanning Patterns - Examples of dB Accuracy Certification
Part D Weld Acceptance Criteria
Quality of Welds

7. Stud Welding
Scope - General Requirements - Mechanical Requirements - Workmanship - Technique - Stud Application Qualification Requirements - Production Control - Inspection Requirements

8. Statically Loaded Structures (No Application within this code)

9. Welded Steel Bridges (
The provision of this section in ANSI/AASHTO/AWS [for D1.5-96] have been distributed throughout AASHTO/AWS [for D1.5M/D1.5:2002])

10. Tubular Structures (No Application within this code)

11 Strengthening and Repairing Existing Structures (No Application within this code)

12. AASHTO/AWS Fracture Control Plan (FCP) for Nonredundant Members
General Provisions - Definitions - Contract Documents - Base Metal Requirements - Welding Processes - Consumable Requirements - Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) - Certification and Qualification - As-received Inspection of Base Metal - Thermal Cutting - Repair of Base Metal - Straightening, Curving, and Chambering - Tack Welds and Temporary Welds - Preheat and Interpass Temperature Control - Postweld Thermal Treatments - Weld Inspection - Repair Welding

Annexes : Mandatory Information
Annex 1 : Effective Throat
Annex 2 : Effective Throats of Filled welds in Skewed T-Joints
Annex 3 : Suggested Sample Welding Forms
Annex 4 : Flatness of Girder Web - Bridges
Annex 5 : Terms and Definitions
Annex 6 : Manufacturer's Stud Base Qualification Requirements
Annex 7 : Part A - Qualification and Calibration of the UT Unit with Other Approved Reference Blocks
Annex 7 : Part B - UT Equipment Qualification Procedures
Annex 8 : Guidelines on Alternatives Methods for Determining Preheat

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